• The Wok Experience Anaheim

    The Wok Experience

    Chinese Restaurant, Anaheim, CA

    The Wok Experience offers quality chinese food with the convenience of fast food. We have a variety of chinese cuisine to choose from at a price that won't break the bank!

    We have entrees to satify your craving for chinese food; from Moo Sho Chicken, to Wok Wonton Soup. You want it, We have it. Choose from steam table entrees or Cook-to-Order entrees.  Come by the Wok Experience for Chinese Food Done Right.Weare serving in Anaheim, CA.








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    Name: Steve

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    I love The Wok Experience, the food is delicious!!! Great prices and even better selections. They have the best orange chicken EVER!!! You can order your food off the hot table for fast service or you can order it fresh off the menu, so its kind of a mix of panda express and pick up stix except the food taste so much better and the prices is so much cheaper. Must try for yourself.

    Name: Jorv

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    when this place had its coming soon sign i said to my self "'that place is going to suck" i said this because i usually go to another Chinese food place close by but I was wrong there food is great and the price is superb its like 5.50 for a 2 item meal +1.50 for a drink.. best place for Chinese food in Anaheim.‎